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Shepherd Bushiri loses first round of legal battle with Prophet Mboro

Shepherd Bushiri legal battle Prophet Mboro

Controversial prophet Shepherd Bushiri has lost the primary round of his legal battle against prophet Paseka Motsoeneng, referred to as Prophet Mboro, on technical grounds because the Gauteng supreme court , Pretoria, found the matter wasn’t urgent.

Judge David Makhoba didn’t rule on the merits of the case and he simply struck it from the roll for lack of urgency.

Bushiri will, however, need to foot the legal bill for this round.

Bushiri applied for an urgent interim interdict to gag Mboro also as former taxi owner Felicia Sibeko and her husband Arthur, from badmouthing him on social media and publicly .

He also wanted them to get rid of all offensive utterances that they had made about him, from social media.

The Sibeko’s claimed that Bushiri had conned them out of their life savings, and that they had made public statement during which they mentioned Bushiri as, among others, a thief and a crook.

Mboro was vocal in the week outside the court in his crusade against Bushiri, where he continued by making various utterances against Bushiri.

He appeared to have tons of followers who agreed together with his sentiments.

A crowd who gathered around him nodded their heads and clapped from time to time as Sibeko said he stood up for the poor and he couldn’t comprehend how they might be conned out of their money.

An animated Mboro said tons of the elderly congregants have also lost their money and he, Mboro, has got to donate food to them.

While Mboro isn’t gagged at this stage to talk out against Bushiri, the latter is planning on continuing together with his legal quest at a later stage, during which he will ask the court to declare the statements made by Mboro and therefore the Sibeko couple against him, to be defamatory.

If he succeeded thereupon application, he demands a public apology from them, also as R1-million in damages.

Advocate Dali Mpofu, who appeared on behalf of Bushiri, on Wednesday argued that aside from making false and defamatory statements against Bushiri, Mboro is additionally making xenophobic remarks in reference to him (Bushiri).

These include statements like that Bushiri is “a liar and he must return to Malawi.”

Counsel for Mboro argued that the horse has bolted and therefore the statements are already out there, so there’s nothing more to try to to .

But Mpofu said until the matter is finally vented in court a while later when their application for damages and to possess the utterances declared defamatory is disposed of, Bushiri’s name is tainted if Mboro isn’t gagged.

The Sibeko’s claimed that that they had lost their life savings – R130 000 – by investing in Bushiri’s gold Forex and commodities scheme.

Bushiri said he himself may be a victim to the scheme, which later seemed to are a scam.

It meanwhile emerged that he did pay the Sibeko couple their a refund , also as R5 000 extra.

Mpofu questioned in court that if the couple were paid back, why did they continue with their campaign against him during which they called him a fraudster and a thief.

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