Self-care is Key: Adekunle Gold’s Advice to Men

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Adekunle Gold Urges Men to Prioritize Self-Care for a Longer, Healthier Life

Nigerian musician Adekunle Gold has shared advice for men, emphasizing the importance of self-care. In a post on his official social media account, the singer highlighted the tendency for men to have shorter life expectancies than women.

“Men, take care of yourself. Grandma plenty passes grandpa for this world,” he wrote.

Global health statistics from a 2019 World Health Organization (WHO) analysis also support the idea that women tend to live longer than men, partly due to men seeking healthcare services less frequently than women.

The WHO explained the differences in life expectancy, stating that a baby boy born in Africa in 2016 could expect to live to age 60, while a baby girl could expect to live to 63.

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