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Seer 1 Warns Criminals Frustrating HH



PF was a really good party, a party created by and for the poor. I had the opportunity to sit down with Late President Sata numerous times, and truly speaking, he had a vision for the people, particularly the poor.

Edgar Lungu was a really good man; he was genuinely humble; and we all battled and contributed to his win because of his humility, hoping that he would continue where President Sata left off.

Everything was OK until MMD members and other hijackers took over the presidency and turned the president into a monster, and the party into a den of thieves and criminals.

President HH is unparalleled in his enthusiasm for the people of Zambia. HH is humble, not just humble, but visionary; he is a man of his words who truly cares about the country.

However, just as criminals hijacked PF and completely destroyed it, VULTURES are already flying around UPND and the President, threatening to ruin him and the party.

We will not allow this to happen, and we will eliminate anyone who seeks to undermine President HH’s agenda. We worked hard for this win; many people went to jail, some were slain, some were injured, some lost their marriages, and some lost family members simply to get it.

We are warning all those who work with criminals, as well as those who frustrate UPND and Zambian youths, to stop.

Because I respect the president, I have not addressed or insulted you. Please put your greed aside and serve the people of Zambia, as that is what you were elected to do.