Secretary to the Cabinet Dr Simon Miti dumps outgoing President Lungu after losing polls

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Secretary to the Cabinet Dr Simon Miti dumps ECL

One of PF strategist in the 2021 elections Dr Simon Miti has dumped outgoing President Edgar Lungu after losing polls.

Dr. Miti is the Secretary to the Cabinet and therefore a civil servant.

A source at State House has told The Candidates that Dr. Miti has now camped at the house of President-elect Hakainde Hichilema and is not answering calls from his former boss.

Contrary to civil service regulations, Miti took charge of the PF campaign with foreigners whom he allegedly brought into the country to help the main opposition win the election against the current ruling party.

It is said that Dr. Simon Miti was working with ex Permanent Secretary at State House Crista Kalulu.

“Miti wants to come out like he was a civil servant when in fact he was incharge of the PF elections during the 2021 polls,” the State House source.

“He personally worked with SG of PF to come up with list of adopted candidate which was later adopted at the PF Central Committee,” he said.

Miti sudden change of camp is meant to prevent himself from possible corruption prosecution involving deals at ministry of health official in the Kapoko scandal.

“He is been unfair to President Lungu. He is one who was even distributing campaign materials from state house,” the official said.

Miti currently holds two senior government positions. He is Secretary to Cabinet as well as Principal Private Secretary at State House which is unheard of. – The Candidates

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