Scammers’ Scheme to Seize Archbishop Millingo’s Land Foiled

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In a surprising disclosure, Miles Bwalya Sampa, President of the Patriotic Front (PF), has exposed a bold attempt to deceive Archbishop Emmanuel Millingo regarding his land, a gift given by Zambia’s founding father, Kenneth Kaunda (KK), in the 1970s.

During his visit to the revered Archbishop, Sampa expressed dismay upon uncovering that deceitful individuals allegedly forged Millingo’s National Registration Card (NRC). They used this falsified document to apply for a replacement title deed for the Archbishop’s valuable land.

The Ministry of Lands, responsible for land-related affairs, unknowingly played a role in this scheme by lifting the caveat on Millingo’s land and initiating the process for a new title deed. This deceitful move could have led to an unauthorized sale of the Archbishop’s property, potentially resulting in his eviction.

Sampa strongly condemned the heartlessness of those behind this deceitful act, questioning how such malice could be directed towards someone as revered as Archbishop Millingo. He pledged to investigate the Ministry of Lands to uncover how this fraudulent activity nearly succeeded.

Expressing concern about the broader implications, Sampa highlighted the vulnerability of ordinary citizens facing similar threats to their land ownership. He criticized the Ministry of Lands, suggesting that not only reforms but also a cleansing of corruption from the institution are imperative.

Sampa vowed to shield Archbishop Millingo from harm, affirming a zero-tolerance stance towards such nefarious activities. He called for a comprehensive inquiry into the alleged fraud, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding the rights and properties of both prominent figures and ordinary citizens.

This revelation has raised alarms about land tenure security in Zambia, prompting calls for increased scrutiny and measures to ensure the integrity of land transactions and property rights.

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