Pictures: Who is Sarah Chibwe a.k.a Xarah57?

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Few girls can rock it like Sarah Chibwe, awesome fashion game, good at business, fit as a fiddle and accompanied by a sizzling hot body! It can only be this gorgeous socialite, but do people really know her story/ who is she where is she coming from and how she began? Well, let us shed a bit of light on this s.e.x.y diva we can not help but crush on.

Sarah Chibwe

Popularly known as @Xarah57 on Instagram, this beautiful ZED Celeb has got our attention. Not just because of her gorgeous looks but this is a woman with substance, ambition and an inspiration to the ZED youths out there. Real name Sarah Chibwe and born in a family of four, this lady is more than just a pretty face.

Sarah Chibwe

She studied Information systems and networking, can you belief that? Beauty meets Brains, right? Cool, calm, composed are attributes of her personality. Starting off her modelling career just after college and inspired by watching Miss World. This Zambian bombshell enrolled in a provincial Beauty Pageant. She won Miss Luapula and Miss Personality Zambia 2014.

Sarah Chibwe

She definitely has a rocking personality. Featuring in several music videos everyone wanted to work with Sarah Chibwe. Apart from all this, this fashionista is also into business. Running a clothing boutique and passionate about a clothing line, this lady is also a trainer. She posts her training videos on social media to inspire us to stay healthy and stay in shape. We love Xarah she’s such an inspiration and also our ZED Socialite of the week! 

Sarah Chibwe
“A good man can make you feel, strong, s.e.x.y and able to take on the ???? world …oh sorry That’s exercise, exercise does that.”
Sarah Chibwe
“Fun fact: I only work out my glutes once a week ☺️ ???????? here are few thing to do if you want to grow your glutes ????????‍♀️ train frequently ????????‍♀️Eat enough ????????‍♀️ rest enough, don’t go back to back
????????‍♀️ be patient, muscle building takes time
????????‍♀️ don’t squat too much, squatting is good and it will help you grow muscle but you need to do more than squats????
Body @chidunune_withxarah57

Sarah Chibwe, Xarah57

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