Sakwiba Sikota Congratulates HH and thanks President Lungu for conceding defeat

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Sakwiba Sikota

United Liberal Party (ULP) leader and Lawyer Sakwiba Sikota has congratulated President-Elect Hakainde Hichilema on his election as President.

In a statement released to the media, Mr Sikota said no one can deny Mr. Hichilema the right to celebrate and for the Zambian public to join in the celebration, but cautioned that the celebrations should be joyful and not revengeful

‘You no doubt recorded an emphatic win in these elections and congratulations are in order. No one can deny you the right to celebrate and for the Zambian public to join in the celebration. The celebrations should be joyful and not revengeful.

“The campaign was certainly difficult and hard-fought. The post-campaign is even more challenging and it is incumbent on you, even as you celebrate, to quickly work towards bringing harmony and peace to the nation, Mr Sikota wrote

Mr. Sikota concluded by saying that there is also the high expectations that Zambians have and meeting those high expectations should be your driving force and wished him and Zambia all the success.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sikota has also thanked President Edgar Lungu for his concession speech which he said came at a time when there were some quarters who were resorting to violence and there was true tension.

Mr Sikota said that the concession is even more notable when you consider that President Lungu was disappointed and had his misgivings about the elections. President Lungu took the position and attitude of Vice President Al Gore after the disputed 2000 elections with George Bush. In his concession speech Gore said, “I know that many of my supporters are disappointed. I am too. But our disappointment must be overcome by our love of country.”

“I know that President Lungu was equally disappointed and like Al Gore, he has not let his disappointment overcome his love for country.

“Thank you for conceding and helping to bring down the simmering political tension. May we all do our bit to bring about healing to our great nation”, concluded the statement

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