Safeguarding Education: Northern Province Prohibits Utilization of School Desks in Public Events

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In an effort to protect school resources and maintain an optimal learning environment, Bernard Mpundu, the Permanent Secretary of Northern Province, has imposed a prohibition on utilizing school desks for any public events within the province. Mpundu stressed that these desks, acquired by the government at a significant cost, are solely designated for the use of students.

While addressing the community at Chinika Mpundu Primary School in Chilubi District during the inauguration of a classroom block constructed using the 2022 Constituency Development Fund (CDF), Mpundu raised concerns about the misapplication of school desks in outdoor gatherings. He highlighted the risk of damage to desks, valued between K1000 and K1500 each, when they remain unattended after such events, especially during adverse weather conditions.

“I’ve observed desks being taken from classrooms, and if left unattended during rain, they’re at risk. No one bothers to secure them,” he remarked.

Mpundu urged educational authorities to deter the use of school desks at public gatherings, emphasizing the government’s dedication to providing an ideal learning atmosphere for students. He also urged local authorities to ensure a sufficient supply of desks to newly constructed schools.

The Permanent Secretary’s directive received support from Chilubi District Commissioner Risto Mushembe, who pledged strict compliance across all district schools. Mushembe emphasized the government’s aim to furnish pupils not only with comfort but also to improve their handwriting skills through proper seating.

Chilubi Town Council Chairperson Rosemary Chimbini echoed the significance of endorsing education and called for public support towards government initiatives. She emphasized the role of the new classroom block in fostering a conducive learning space for children and urged ongoing community backing for further developmental projects.

The ban on using school desks in public gatherings aligns with the larger objective of preserving educational assets and ensuring that students have the essential infrastructure for effective learning.

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