Saboi Imboela Congratulates President-elect HH

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Saboi Writes;

A very BIG Congratulations to Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, the running mate Mrs. Mutale Nalumango and the entire UPND for a resounding victory. Numbers don’t lie and the people have spoken. The people of Zambia united in their resolve to vote for you and we hope that the country will be united in that same way to ensure that development is taken to every corner of this country.

I’m sure a good number that voted for you were not even UPND but they looked at a leader they thought was best for the country at this moment in time, so remember that you will be president of all Zambians and not just your party. The nation needs to be united, the country needs development and everyone will be in a hurry to see what the new government will bring. Wishing you all the best of luck and we shall fully support you.

Supporting you also means that we shall give you all the necessary checks and balances, as an opposition party to ensure that you are constantly reminded of your campaign promises so that you fulfil them as promised.

May God give you more grace, favour and wisdom as you take up this new challenging and well deserved role as father of the Zambian nation.

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