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S/HE IS PERFECT- Another Zim Film Is Set To Premiere On World Streaming Platforms


Covid-19 seems not to have deterred the film industry in Zimbabwe. First, it was the award-winning film Cook-Off, Zimbabwe’s very first comedy film to stream on the world’s leading Internet entertainment service Netflix. Just a week ago one of our own Sha Sha became the very first Zimbabwean to scoop a Viewer’s Choice: Best New International Act Award at the 20th BET Awards. Now another, film titled S/HE IS PERFECT is set to premiere on streaming platforms Amazon Fire TV and Roku TV. The film will premiere on  the 17th of July through an American distributor.

We learned from The Chronicle that, S/HE IS PERFECT is a 48-minute feature film. The film was shot in April by
Lightwave Choir, the very first film for the music production company and it is already sending waves before it even has begun to stream.

The story was written by Khaliphile Sibanda and it features Dumolwethu Moyo, Priator Mhlanga, Moses Kamanga, and Sanelisiwe Ncube. Other cast members include Bongani Mpala, Rujeko Chavhunduka, Thulisile Gumpo, Alex Marowa, MethembeNdlovu, and Sizolwenkosi Siwela.S/HE IS PERFECT was shot and produced in Bulawayo.

S/HE IS PERFECT is a feature film about a triangular love affair where two close friends fall in love with one guy and later on the two discover that he has been two timing them all along. It is this perfect film for those who love ‘chick flicks’.

Khaliphile Sibanda explains how her feature film landed the opportunity to premiere on world streaming platforms Amazon Fire TV and Roku TV.

“An American distributor saw some of my work and was pleased with it and that’s how this film landed on these
international streaming platforms,” she said.

The premiere of S/HE IS PERFECT on international streaming sites follows Cook Off which premiered recently on Netflix.

Sibanda is not new to the film industry, she worked on Ziyathunqa and she is currently working on Ziyathunqa series 2020. Moreover, she has been selected for the Rwanda leaders summit 2020 and Women Playwrights International conference Canada 2021 through the play He Doesn’t Have A Backbone.

The feature film was shot during the lockdown period. Sibanda argued that despite the fact that there is a global pandemic which has drastically altered and affected people’s lives globally, it does not mean that one should just sit still and relax. She asserted that,

The pandemic is not a time to relax but to continue with our projects hence the reason why we worked on this film. We were however forced to break down our scenes to avoid everyone coming on set at one go. So it was about three to five people on set with the setting being NRZ buildings in the city.