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S.e.x Workers Cry Foul, Appeal For Government Intervention As They Feel Pinch Of Lockdown

thigh vendors

Commercial s.e.x workers have cried foul over the ongoing 21-day national lockdown which has seen most of them losing all their business. iHarare has established that the thigh vendors have appealed for government intervention asking to be prioritised when the authorities distribute funds set aside for the poor and the vulnerable.

According to weekly publication, The Masvingo Mirror, some enterprising and resourceful thigh vendors have now taken to advertising their services by posting their phone numbers on road signs, trees and walls in an attempt to entice randy man for hookups.Lockdown

Maidei Magodi, the chairperson of the S.e.x Workers Advocacy Group (SWAG) has appealed for government assistance for her constituents who she says have been the worst affected by the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and the subsequent 21-day mandatory national lockdown. President Emmerson Mnangagwa instituted the national lockdown in an attempt to curb the spread of the coronavirus, much to the dismay of the ladies of the night.

Speaking to the Masvingo Mirror, Magodi said,

“We appeal to President Mnangagwa to consider our profession under the Covid-19 Fund because we are vulnerable and hardest hit. We have run out of food and we have children to look after,” she said

Magodi said that her organisation has over 15 000 registered members. She also added that this number is growing because the organisation is registering 50-60 new members a day through the clinics provided by the Centre for S.e.xual Health and HIV/AIDS (CeSHHAR Zimbabwe).

Magodi called for the government to prioritise her members when if finally distributes the ZWL$600 million fund set aside for the vulnerable for the national lockdown. Last week, the government announced that it has set up the ZWL$600m to cater for vulnerable families for the next 3 months, which each family expected to receive ZWL$200.