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S.A TV Shows On Netflix You Many Have Missed And Must Watch Today

S.A TV Shows On Netflix

With 2020 cancelled, having a sane distraction indoors has become a necessity. Here are some shows you might have missed while you were in the kitchen again:

Must Watch S.A TV Shows On Netflix


The Herd S2


If you missed the first season of this five-time nominated series by Seriti films, you’ll be glad to know that you can catch up on the first series and watch the second one now on Netflix. Winnie’s performance is both outstanding and remarkable in this show with critics verifying this show as her big break out soapville. She plays a witch, who will do anything to keep her wealth and acquirers her wealth by controlling her husband’s (played by Sello Maake ka Ncube) mind. Her husband has to kill his first wife as a sacrifice and buries her head in their yard and is later expected to kill his daughter (from the deceased wife) to which he refused…things get bloody and darker from there. There’s a particular scene where she feeds him a liver (not a show for vegetarians).

S.A TV Shows On Netflix

Blood and Water


Based on a real-life story of a girl that got kidnapped and whose family never stopped looking for her, the ‘Blood and Water’s’ cast wreaks of ‘Gossip Girl’ (middle class vs high-class teenage drama) with the exception of the storyline. The show follows a teenage girl who discovers her parents’ secret-lost daughter and thinks she found her at a party.  She enrols into the same high school as her supposed sister, befriends her and plays detective throughout the show to prove her theory.  This successful series got major international attraction; USA, Europe and may have a follow-up season.

South African TV Shows on Netflix you many have missed
South African TV Shows on Netflix you many have missed-Blood And Water



Queen Sono


This ‘Catching Feelings’ duo (Kagiso Lediga as a creator this time around and Pearl Thusi as Queen Sono) is back in one of South Africa’s most-watched shows of all time. Pearl plays a spy who seeks the truth and vengeance for her mother’s death and is supported by an impeccable cast from the likes of Vuyo Dabula (Generation’s Gadaffi), the legendary Abigail Kubeka and many more…The show cleverly mixes humour, s.e.x-appeal, action and lots of drama, (think the black female version of James Bond travelling all over Africa). There’s a definite promise of a second season in the pipeline.



The Shadow was the first South African original Netflix series that opened doors for many more shows that received international recognition and exposure. Palance Dladla plays ‘Shadow’ a seemingly alcoholic, detective turned night-time hero who now serves the people on the ground. He gets struck by lightning and is unable to feel any pain (making him an ideal Mzansi comic icon, finally!) Expect some romance and an ensemble cast;  Amanda du Pont, Sdumo Mtshali, Fezile Mbele and many more…and I mean 79 more.

South African TV Shows On Netflix
South African TV Shows On Netflix-Shadow





The show that ticked all the dramatic boxes in 2010 is still frighteningly easy to binge-watch ten years later. Intersections didn’t only break records, but broke stereotypes about s.e.x, relationships and shed light to one of South Africa’s ongoing societal battles; HIV and AIDS. Expect an ensemble cast in this show with lot’s of se_x scenes. (WARNING THIS IS NOT FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY)