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Roberto Welcomed with Motorcade & Pampered with Luxury in Uganda


Superstar Roberto finished 2019 in style pampered by A-list Celebrity luxuries. It seemed like a joke when Roberto demanded what we thought was too much for a show he was to perform in Uganda. The RnB Star made headlines when he demanded the Luxury treatment from the show organizers. Among some of his demands included 24hrs Security, Private Jet, Bottles of Bellaire and Bulletproof van.

All his demands were met and he became the first Zambian artist to hold such a record. One of the organisers  Mr. Luiss Hadijah, gave a confirmation via social media all Roberto’s demands had been met and the singer would perform at Kolping Gaderns Hoima Kazivunge last year on 31st December 2019. He officially became the first Zambian artist to be treated with such luxury by Event organizers. It is always refreshing when people begin to learn their value, Roberto has begun to take himself seriously and everyone else will as he is an international or African brand.

Below is a list of demands tabled by the RNB singer Roberto’s management:

1. Ten (10) first-class return tickets in an Airline of his choice.

2. Roberto asked the two major roads heading to his Hotel and to the venue to be closed shortly before, during and shortly after the concert. The roads are Butiaba Road and Old Toro Road.

3. He will also need a tinted bulletproof van with a licensed chauffeur who is trained in the security and protection of high profile people. The car must also be insured.

4. He needs a private jet to fly him from Entebbe Airport to Hoima Booma Grounds and place should be under 24/7 security surveillance 3 days before he lands.

5. After he has landed in Hoima, Roberto needs a presidential convoy by Uganda police force to escort him from Hoima Booma ground to his Hotel.

6. 125 bottles of Bellaire alcohol and 204 napkins.

7. A reservation of one entire floor of a five-star hotel in Hoima district with 3 Star rooms.

8. 17 French-speaking personnel (aged 23-28) trained in high profile people management.