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Ritual Killing Takes Strange Twist As Body Parts Fail To Match Missing Child

Ritual Killings

The bereaved Makore family from Nyamutubu is struggling to return to terms with the cold blooded and sinister murder of their 7-year-old son, Tapiwa, who was killed last Friday.

Tapiwa was killed in what’s now believed to be a ritual murder, after he went missing last Thursday, only to be found lifeless, with several body parts hacked off.

Tapiwa’s body was found with the arms, legs and head missing, with some body parts a bit like the skull,jaws, bones found later.

The kidnappers who are believed to be behind the murder haven’t been found yet.

The Mrehwa community was left shell shocked by the gruesome murder of the boy and thus the rationale why it had been done.

Chief Mangwende whose jurisdiction the planet falls under, expressed his shock speaking with to ZBC saying

“I am shocked by such gruesome murder I even haven’t seen such brutality,”

Chief Mangwende revealed that the skull found on the scene, thought to be belonging to Tapiwa clothed to not be his.
However, the burden is heavy in-tuned for the family who are left in additional pain after it had been announced that the skull which was discovered doesn’t match the body, hence the need for DNA tests.

The Makore family appealed for assistance so on travel for DNA tests

“As a family we are appealing for assistance to travel for DNA tests to work out if all the body parts belong to our child,”

For now, the burial plans are stalled as they have to corroborate all the body parts via DNA testing.