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Riky Rick On to Cassper Nyovest addressing beef via ‘Any Minute Now’

Cassper and Riky Rick Beef

Riky Rick On to Cassper Nyovest addressing beef via ‘Any Minute Now’

Riky Rick isn’t impressed with Cassper Nyovest taking a jabs at him on his just released album “Any Minute Now” (AMN).

The “Phoyisa” trended on Friday after dropping his long-awaited album.

Fans and friends including Riky took to Twitter to celebrate Cassper Nyovest on the new album.

Taking to Twitter on Friday Riky shared a screenshot of Cassper’s new song “To Whom it’s going to Concern”, with a caption: “BUMPING @casspernyovest #AMN album right now!!!! Love the boom-bap beats, soulful production.”

In the song, Cass wore his heart on his sleeve when he spoke about betrayal by an in-depth friend.

Fans got excited once they thought the duo had squashed their beef, but the instant was short-lived after Riky made discovery Cassper is taking a swipe at him on the track “To Whom it’s going to Concern.”

But fans were quick to ask the muso if he didn’t think the song was about him.

Below are a number of the fans reactions on Twitter:

In a multiple tweets, Riky revealed that he has tried to iron out beef with Cassper , but his actions did not yield results.

When Twitter user Fenny Forbes asked Riky to fix things with Cassper, he explained that he would keep reaching bent him.

“EISH, the funny thing we’ve spoken in person so dunno where that “explanation” of what happened came from. I’ll keep reaching bent him, but I’m also getting uninterested in my name arising once I am relaxing nicely minding my business. It’s like yall want me to place the complete story on wax. SMH,” said Riky.

He continued: “Anyone who wants to unravel a problem can solve it with one call or meeting. I buy he wanted to urge it off his chest. Shap, we heard you. But are you going to offer any solutions, are you going to pull up and talk like men are supposed to? My number an equivalent .”

He added, expressing his disappointment at Cassper writing a song about him: “Imagine 2nd track you are talking about something that happened 3years ago… Weirdest part is that he was the one who Betrayed Me and my family once we needed HIM the foremost . Kodwa Eish…maybe I’ll tell the story next week. For now, enjoy the album.”

In another post, he spoke about Cassper acting sort of a victim while he was also guilty.

“What bothers me is Cassper acting sort of a victim once they know what exactly what did. Q. “I THOUGH you liked ME” GTFOH”

He added: “If multiple people around you stop messing with you… maybe, just maybe it’s you, not them.”

A few of years ago, fans of the duo shocked to find out Riky was added to a growing list of individuals Cassper had parted ways with including his arch-rivals AKA and Emtee, with whom he was already friends with prior.

But fans are still living within the hope that Cassper and Riky will bury the hatchet and become best friends again.