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Riky Rick Balls With R1.5 Mill Whip

riky Rick

Rapper Riky Rick added another low rider, custom car to his collection and it’s a stunner.

Ricky Rick is not playing around when it comes to stunting on these streets. The Boss Zonke hit-maker now owns a black custom-painted Porsche.

The Mzansi rapper’s black Porsche is cracking necks and breaking hearts and it should because this ride costs a cool R1.5 million. Nothing major. Just a couple of rands and cents for Riky, right?

Riky Rick

King Kotini has had a fabulous start to his 20Plenty including getting a new car and taking a beautiful family vacation in Bali. Now that he is back in town, there is nothing left to do but get back to his hustle as the rapper is gearing up for his event ‘Cotton Fest’ taking place in February in Newtown, Jozi.

Check out what is in store for Cotton Fest:

Last year, the Cotton Fest was a huge success with headliners such as AKANasty CEmtee and of course, yours truly Riky Rick.

It’s clear that when Riky says he’s a Boss he means it. The man is swagged out from his head down to his cars? And he’s securing the bag? Who are we to correct him?