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Rihanna’s new album is going to be ‘worth the wait.’

Rihanna, Rihanna's mom

Chart-topping star Rihanna has promised her new album are going to be “worth the wait”.

The “Work” hitmaker hasn’t released an LP since ‘Anti’ in 2016, but she insisted she is “always” performing on her music. Despite fans’ cries for her to share her latest material, she wants to attend until she’s delighted.

She said: “I’m always performing on new music. Simply because I have never released an album during a few years doesn’t suggest I have never been acting on it.

“I’m not just getting to put music out because people are craving it. I’m getting to make it well worth the |definitely worth the”> well worth the wait – and it’ll be worth the wait.”

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The 32-year-old singer has also found success as an actress and her cosmetics range Fenty Beauty, but she insisted that whatever she’s performing on has got to be something she truly believes in.

She told new! Magazine: “For me, it’s about achieving excellence. That’s why I will be able to never put an album out for its sake or do a movie for the sake of it or a fashion collaboration for its sake. I even have to believe it.”

The “Ocean’s 8” star is keen to try more acting, too.

She said: “I’m still relatively new acting, but I already need to work with acting royalty like Sandra Bullock. If I buy a reasonable offer, then I might like to do more, for sure.”

And while Rihanna may be a big fan of reality TV, she doesn’t think she’d ever had the time to urge involved and be a judge on a show like ‘The X Factor’ or ‘The Voice’.

She said: “I like to watch reality TV. As for being a judge, it isn’t something I’m brooding about immediately as it’s such an enormous commitment, but never say never.”