Police Move In And Grab 13 T-shirts Calling For The Release Of Spax From Custody

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POLICE in Chingola have retrieved 13 T-Shirts out of the 25 which were printed by the jerabos in readiness for a protest demanding for Spax’s release from custody.

And Police have warned and cautioned Joshua Chuma Mushinta aged 31, of Chingola, a construction worker at SPAX garage for Seditious Practices.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga said this follows information to the effect that some jerabos belonging to SPAX had teamed up and were planning to protest against the apprehension of SPAX and wanted to air their displeasure against Government on Saturday through a protest.

Katanga in a statement said because SPAX was slated to be taken to Chingola by Lusaka Police the Jerabos printed T-shirts with some writings which read “NO TO INJUSTICE FREE SPAX” and ” NO TO INJUSTICE.”

“Mushinta allegedly received instructions from SPAX workers believed to be currently in Lusaka. I wish to warn all those who want to protect that they will be arrested forthwith,” warned Katanga.

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