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Reactions As Betty Kyalo Reveals Her Political Ambitions

Betty Kyalo
News anchor Betty Kyalo continues to make her political ambitions clear as 2022 nears.
Kyalo, who has mentioned several times that she will switch to politics once done with the media business, took to Instagram to congratulate American politician and lawyer Kamala Harris who has been announced as Joe Biden’s VP in the US presidential elections race.
She reminded her fans that this is a path she also wants to follow and, it seems she has already started now that she’s not in any media house.
“This is AMAZING! First Black Female to be nominated as Running Mate @kamalaharris ✅✅✅ this is giving me motivation for Politics 👌🏾 It can be done! I will. I will succeed. Oh can I get an Amen! Super proud of her! Go Go,” she said on social media.

In previous interviews, Betty revealed that she wants to bring change, be a leader and a spokesperson for youths, a reason why she’s eager to join the dirty game.
“It is something that has crossed my mind a number of times, and the thing is we have quite a number of young leaders now who are in parliament. And I just want to see whether the promises they made to young people, they will deliver or not,” she said in a past interview.
“I’m really looking at the young politicians, the likes of Babu Owino, Jaguar and Caleb Hamisi, and I just hope that they can deliver to some extent.”
Just for the record, young popular politicians in Kenya have been a disaster. From unwarranted controversies to poor leadership choices, Kenyans have not really been impressed by some of the celebs they voted for.
Still, many didn’t discourage her from switching careers probably hoping Kyalo might be a good choice.
Here’s how some fans reacted:
@bettymuteikyallo itabidi umesimama pia wewe juu najua ukishinda siwezi kosa CS entertainment bana 🙆🏾‍♂️
Amen🙏BK ndio next.

 Her nomination is such great news for the women worldwide 🔥🔥 also go for it 💯

 Absolutely 🙌🏾🙌🏾

 Big Amen 👍