Rayvanny sets own car on fire

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The songster recited that his uninterrupted pursuit of originality had him set the auto on fire during the videotape shoot of his new tune Te Quiero featuring Marioo.

The WCB signee confessed that the videotape is one of the most precious systems he has ever put out – warning his videographer to avoid destroying property and valuables in their coming shoot.
“( I know it’s creativity but nothing hurt me further than burning a auto. Director Eris Mzava could that be the last time we burn effects?)

“R.I.P Teza Unabidi ujiite mjinga kama utatukana kazi ya sanaa au kuona ni kufuru no huu ni uwekezaji. Link in my memoir kuona movie nzima. Baddest director Eris Mzava this videotape is fire, ” Rayvanny remarked.
Rayvanny also bared that he was forced to hire a passenger aeroplane
– turning out to be the most precious scene in the whole videotape.

“ Kataika precious scenes kuwahi kutokea ni ile ya Airport. further than 100 people on set alafu ndani kabisaa ya field, sio tu Airport. Kukodi ndege tena muda wa usiku iliwalazimu wa cancel sagfari watupe sisi. Ikuwahi kuwaza kuna siku ningekodi ndege tena ya abiria. Haikua rahisi hata Kidigo.
“ Imagine platoon nzima ya specialized ya ndege kwa ajili ya Rayvanny, ” Vanny Boy explained.
The videotape in question was directed Vanny Boy’s shooter turned videotape director Eris Mzava and so far it has garnered over,000 views.

On June 2, Rayvanny was forced to explain why he set a house on fire in his music videotape ‘ I Miss You ’ featuring Zuchu.

According to the songster, he wanted to paint a true picture of what love can do when people are betrayed in a relationship.

The songster revealed that he used a whooping Ksh250,751( Tsh5,) to make the house he set on fire in the videotape.

In a separate post, the songster said that it was a dream to make everything in the music videotape real and glad it happed.


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