Rami Chuene still watches ‘The Queen’

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Connie Ferguson and Rami Chuene

Actress Rami Chuene has been careful not to say anything that might jeopardise a legal case against Ferguson Films after leaving The Queen, but fans are grateful that she hasn’t totally kept them hanging.

The actress has done a good job of keeping her army updated on her new endeavours and on how she feels about her former cast mates, who have become like family to her. On Tuesday night, she shared that despite no longer being part of The Queen, she still made time to watch it.

“Oh no, I still watch the show. My best work is still there, I would never shortchange myself like that. I worked like a mother and of course, I have my talented bunch still doing the most,” she said.

Rami felt a need to explain to her fans lest they think she only watched The River — a show she’s a huge fan off  — since TGOM made her exit.

Speaking to Real Goboza recently, Rami said the cast and crew of The Queen were a “crazy bunch” and she loved them like they were related by blood.

“Not only do we work together but we hang out together, we party together. That whole thing of the Kabaribabeba, it started at one of the parties, the many parties that we have. There’s a back story behind that, but we were all saying, ‘that guy, be careful in case you get fired. But on that particular day when I walked in, I was like Kabaribabeba and they said ‘fired’.”

Even though the legal case is still hanging over her head, Rami has successfully moved on from her TGOM fame. She is currently on the set of a new show (which she’s yet to reveal).



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