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Rami Chuene Dishes Out Notes To Freelancers

Rami Chuene

As many South Africans are busy adjusting to the new normal of staying at home to curb the spread of the coronavirus, actress Rami Chuene has penned a message to freelancers who are financially affected during the time.

Being a freelancer herself with many years of experience in the industry, the veteran actress strongly cautioned her fellow actors to not to fall victim to working for free during this pandemic.

She shared her strong views on Twitter, where she explained that some agents were trying to capitalise on freelancers in the name of the pandemic.

“Dear freelancer: In this time of Covid-19, don’t let fear of the unknown sidetrack you. Please don’t work for free. I repeat: do not work for free. Bloody agents will use the pandemic to play on your emotions to get what they want. Don’t do it.”

Earlier this month, Rami spoke out about “con artists” in the entertainment industry who had found a new excuse to not pay artists.

Sharing her frustrations on Twitter, she claimed that dodgy operators in the industry at the moment had artists’ money “on lockdown”.

“Due to the lockdown, we were not able to process payment for the invoice you submitted in November 2019,” she said.

“The con artists of the entertainment industry have found a new excuse to not pay artists for work done. They have our money on lockdown too.”