Rami Chuene: A lot to Say, But After Fergusons Contract Expires

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Connie Ferguson and Rami Chuene

The Rami Chuene, Fergusons feud just keeps getting juicier and juicier and Ram Chuene knows exactly how to keep us glued. One thing is for sure what went down between Rami Chuene and Fergusons is no joke. It is the kind of stuff that you need to lawyer up for as she was sure to consult her legal counsel before exposing the Fergusons.

It is safe to assume that it will get really messy when Rami Chuene’s contract with the Fergusons is expired. The Fergusons seem like pretty smart people, I am surprised they did not get Rami Chuene to sign a non-disclosure agreement as this may taint their almost perfect reputation.

Rami Chuene

However one may feel the need to step back and reanalyse all these shenanigans. Rami Chuene a few years ago seemed very grateful at the opportunity to work with the Fergusons, what changed? Has the then priviledge turn to a right? There is an African proverb that says ” Feed a puppy with milk and tomorrow it will bite you”. Is this not what is happening?


The Fergusons stand for an idea about African excellence, and over the years they have excelled in the TV/Film industry becoming role models to little black boys and girls who witnessed what can be achieved. The crab mentality seems to be spreading like a virus and Rami Chuene could be carrier number 1. Why are we all of a sudden trying to bring one of our own down? Guess it makes good news as there is no news that sells better than good news. Let us know what you think in the comments section.


Rami’s character is set to be killed off after alleged behind-the-scenes drama with the Ferguson family. This after Rami apparently publicly supported fellow actress Vatiswa Ndara after her scathing open letter to sports, arts and culture minister Nathi Mthethwa last year. Here is what Rami said via social media:


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