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Socialite of the week Rabecca Kabaso

Rabecca Kapaso

Our Socialite of the week is none other than the reigning  Miss Africa Continent Zambia 2019, I’m talking about the gorgeous Rabecca Kabaso. This bombshell is quite the young and talented Role model for all the young girls out there. This gorgeous African Queen made it clear she is just getting started. Ambassador for Africouture clothing and Becky slips, Rabecca is already flexing her inner enterprenuer the sky is the limit for her. Here is an interview we had with this Rabecca.

Rabecca Kapaso


Tell Us A bit about yourself, someone out there may be wondering who is this gorgeous woman.

My names is Rabecca Kabaso, Born and raised in Zambia’s capital Lusaka Am the Forth born in the family of seven I have four sisters and two brothers, am a fun loving person very optimistic and am able to relate with all kinds of people regardless of background. I love trying out new things ,though sometimes am scared to fail but I always tell myself the greatest failure is actually not trying at all , I model commercially and resently I have been involved in pageantry , am currently Miss Africa continent Zambia 2019.

Wow Miss Africa continent Zambia 2019,That is amazing. Tell us more about the title what are your hopes with this title?

I intend to use my title to lend a helping hand in any way, especially to help mode the African child into better person, a person who is able to stand in front of people and be strong and powerful, through Education, Learning, and love. Support and Encouragement, I am very passionate about children they need love, protection, nurturing, training and grooming to be the best they can be, children carry the future.

Rabecca Kapaso



Ok, Tell us what you do for fun, all work no play is not good. What do you enjoy to do?

For fun, I love watching movies both on the small and big Screen, going for events, outdoor activities and hanging out with family and friends.

Ok, i’m going to ask some random questions here i know someone like me would be wondering. When is your birthday? Are you currently dating?…and tell us about your first kiss?

Oh my…(laughter) I didnt see that coming but ok. Well I was born on 11th July and as of now am single (laughter) As for the first kiss I had my First Kiss when I was young, I do not even know what to make of it we both just curious to know what kissing was (laughter).

Rabecca Kapaso


I would ask who the lucky guy was, but thats for another day (Laughter). Tell us what inspires you?

I am inspired by stories of people who have made it in life regardless of various challenges they have faced,Life can be hard at times and it’s encouraging to see people make it despite the battles faced, My parents have been an inspiration they have helped me become the person I am today I have learnt so many things from them the list is endless, what can I say the are my number one inspiration as well the likes of oprah winfrey,tyler perry and the like.


Nice, Do you have a mentor? And who is your role model? and why?

My sister used to model she helps me a lot career wise ,and also Ashely graham she’s a model from the US, I love what she stands for. The modelling industry is a very tough industry to be in, it’s easy to lose yourself, the standard of beauty is very high, there’s a norm that has been placed on appearance and how a model is supposed to look in most cases a model is identified as a tall ,slender girl with fair skin. So it’s very difficult for people who look different to be recogonized in the industry, Ashely graham is a plus size model who has defined the odds and has been part of many modelling campaigns that models her size will not even think of trying out because of fear of rejection. She refused to change the way she looks to fit in but made the industry create space for her, that really encourages me a lot in terms of self-acceptance and not changing myself to fit in, but make the industry create space regardless of whether I fit the criteria of what they are looking for or not.

Rabecca Kapaso

Wow thats amazing. What about you, what challenges have you faced in this industry?

I have faced so many challenges in my career,am more on the curvy side, and as I said earlier models are defined as slender and tall, I have had people tell me don’t go for the audition you won’t be selected or you need to lose weight in order to take part in this campaign. Most of the times I would considered it but then I told my self, I don’t have to allow people to change who i am just for me to take part in things but I will give them a reason to call me for campaigns’ I will embrace who I am and shine just the way I am, and so far its working out great.


You go girl. Looking back to the experience you have had in modeling what can you say?

When I look back at my career I say thus the lord has brought me, I never thought I would be able to do half they things I have done with all the challenges I have faced, I can boldly say I have grown so much as a person am very strong and more confident than I used to be, hard work and determination pays off, I cant say I have accomplished everything I wanted theirs still more I want to do with my career.

Rabecca Kapaso

Ok what advice do you have for that little girl who sees you on, TV and magazines, that aspires to be like you?

For someone whose getting into the industry I would say we are all made different and have something unique about ourselves, be yourself ,love yours self and confidence is key. Don’t be scared to try even if you feel you cant do it, just go for that’s how you will find your strength, watch, read and listen so you can learn more. Work hard smile and always learn to interact with people to create your networks ,lastly just be you and don’t forgert to have fun along the way.

Thank you so much for taking time from your schedule to be with us Rabecca.

You are welcome, its been a pleasure.