R. Kelly’s new album “I Admit It” causes major controversy – Apple Music and Spotify pull the plug

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I admit it R Kelly new album
I admit it R Kelly new album

Last night, R&B singer R. Kelly released a surprise album titled “I Admit It,” but it has since been pulled from both Apple Music and Spotify. The album, which was released without prior announcement or promotion, features 19 tracks and includes a song of the same name in which Kelly addresses several of the sexual misconduct allegations that have been made against him.

Kelly has been the subject of numerous sexual misconduct allegations over the years, and he has faced several lawsuits as a result. In 2002, he was charged with 21 counts of child pornography but was ultimately acquitted of all charges in 2008. In 2017, he was accused of running a “sex cult” in which he allegedly held women against their will and sexually abused them. Kelly has denied all of the allegations.

In the song “I Admit It,” Kelly addresses the allegations of sexual abuse, denying some of the claims and acknowledging others. He also speaks about his difficult childhood and his struggles with addiction. The lyrics have sparked controversy and backlash, with many criticizing Kelly for not taking full responsibility for his actions and for attempting to justify some of his behavior.

Apple Music and Spotify have both removed the album from their platforms, citing Kelly’s history of sexual misconduct as the reason for their decision. This follows a recent trend of streaming services cracking down on artists who have been accused of sexual misconduct, with both R. Kelly and XXXTentacion being removed from Spotify’s curated playlists earlier this year.

Many are calling for Kelly to face legal consequences for his actions, and the release of “I Admit It” has only reignited the calls for accountability. It remains to be seen what the future holds for Kelly, but it is clear that the controversy surrounding him is far from over.

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