“Proposed Amendment Bill Seeks to Make Stock Theft a Non-Bailable Offense in Zambia”

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To address the growing problem of stock theft in Zambia, a proposed law called the Criminal Procedure Code Amendment Bill Number 19 of 2023 has passed an important stage in the Zambian Parliament. This proposed change is meant to make stock theft a more serious crime, and it’s supported by the government.

The Justice Minister, Mulambo Haimbe, presented this bill in Parliament because stock theft has been on the rise in Zambia. The proposed law wants to discourage potential criminals by making the penalties for stock theft much stricter. It mainly targets people who have been caught stealing livestock more than once, and they won’t be allowed to get bail.

In many places, including Zambia, non-bailable offenses are typically reserved for crimes that are widespread and very serious. Now, this bill is going through more discussions and review in the Parliament.

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