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Prophet Passion ‘Twabam’ Java Endorses Chinamwali Ceremony

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Controversial and flamboyant man of the cloth, Prophet Passion Java of Passion Java Ministries seems to have upped the ante when it comes to performing attention-seeking antics. Prophet Passion Java has now moved to dishing out bedroom advice to both men and women.

The Prophet who has built quite a reputation for his many antics posted a video in which he liberally dishes out bedroom advice saying that he wants all couples to be happy. The prophet postulates that happiness starts in the bedroom on the marital bed and both men and women must ensure that they do their respective roles well in this regard.

According to the prophet, ladies should make sure that they have their privates pulled ( elongation of labia minora) to ensure that they can please their partners in bed. The prophet went as far as saying that women should attend “Chinamwari/Chinamwali” classes at the very least.  Failing to do that they, should get their maternal aunts (vana tete) to pull their privates to ensure that they are a good size.

According to the man of the cloth, this will stop their partners from straying outside the marital bed in search of women who may be more endowed. The prophet claimed that the majority of men out there are crying out over this particular issue.

The prophet also counselled men who lack in vigour to go and get circumcised to ensure that they last longer in bed so that they can please their partners.  Unsurprisingly, the prophet did not miss the opportunity to remind people that he is very wealthy.

While advising men to be on good terms with vana tete, Prophet Passion Java pointedly says that every man should do this regardless of the fact that they may not be as wealthy as he is.


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