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Prophet Passion Java ‘Twabam’ Dubbed Comedian by another Prophet

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A video of what seems like another man of the cloth attacking the Zimbabwean US-based prophet, Passion Java, has since gone viral on social media. In a 5 minutes video clip, the pastor begins by reminding the Gaffa prophet to stick to being a comedian and stop deceiving people by claiming he is a prophet.

The pastor goes on to attack the Zimbabweans and claims that they are gullible as they are too blind to notice that Passion does not even own a business, neither does he has money he claims to be habouring. Prophet Java has also been accused of exploiting and overshadowing the talent of Zimbabwean musicians by giving them free money.

In the same video, he goes on to claim that the garrulous prophet showed off the fake United States dollar notes to his adherents since one can not easily go into the bank and withdraw large sums of cash in that country. According to the man of the cloth in a controversial clip, prophet Passion does not own any business in any country and he survives from exploiting money from his unsuspecting followers after promising them blessings and a good life.

The outspoken pastor concludes by warning all Zimbabweans to desist from accepting the money and gifts from the Gaffa prophet as they could end up initiating themselves in cults unknowingly. The pastor has challenged the Zimbabweans to question where the prophet is working.

”All those who are busy eating prophet Passion Java’s money and benefiting you are enjoying somebody else’s tears, the money that you are enjoying it is somebody’s tears, whoever gave him that money was crying and saying I want God to remember me and you collect money and enjoy it those are somebody’s tears that are being splashed just like that, somebody cried tears from the money that you are putting out there”, he said.

Whilst the talkative and flamboyant prophet is well known for quick savage clapbacks to those who dare him, he has chosen not to respond to the recent attack.

Below is a 5-minute video in which the unidentified pastor made the claims about prophet Passion Java :