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Proof that Zari and Diamond still love each other

Zari Diamond

Things between Zari and Diamond have been unravelling and we are wondering if the couple still has feelings for each other despite breaking up.

We feel they might still be in love with each other but are too proud to talk about their feelings.

The reason we feel they might still be in love are

1– She keeps tabs on him

If she had really moved on, she would not be keeping tabs on what he does or says during interviews.

She would also not be responding by throwing shade every now and then.

2- She responds to his texts/calls

Days ago, Diamond said he reached out to Zari and the two talked.

If Zari was over Diamond like she says, she would not have bothered picking his calls nor responding to his texts.

3- She is bothered with his love life

When Diamond was still dating Tanasha, Zari would indirectly advise Tanasha to be ready to be a single mother.

Why would she care if Diamond left Tanasha or not?

The other reason why the ex couple is still in love with each other is because Diamond still holds her in high esteem.

In a recent interview with Wasafi TV, he said no matter what happens between them, her value to him will never change.

This is despite Zari calling him a dead beat dad and a clown who does not care about his kids welfare.



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zari diamond

Though it did not take us by surprise, we still, however, can not believe it ended. It has been Barely three days after Zari dumped Diamond Platnumz, and their fans are yet to come to terms with the fact that the two are no longer an item. Some are still speculating that this is a publicity stunt and the once upon a time power couple will be back together hopefully.