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Professor PLO Lumumba on President Lungu


Professor PLO Lumumba has emerged as certainly one of Africa’s primary public intellectuals. He has no nationality. He is solely as enthusiastic about social, financial, and political injustice in Nigeria, Zambia, or South Africa as he’s about Kenya, his unintended birthplace. Of direction, like any mortals, he has flaws. The fact is that he has deservedly earned continental acclaim. As anticipated of an individual of his outspokenness and stature, Lumumba has created numerous supporters, a horde of combatants and a few skeptics in between. The Zambian Patriotic Front govt is a kind of that don’t wish to pay attention Lumumba’s identify discussed. Instead of responding to the substance of Lumumba’s remarks, they have got as an alternative attacked him as a plagiarist and deficient. Indeed, the PF trademark reaction to complaint has turn out to be dispensing advert hominem and advert baculum fallacies. After being to begin with expelled from Zambia as a safety risk, Lumumba in any case had an interview with Diamond TV. He assessed Lungu as useless, undemocratic, a demagogue, and paranoid. I agree and can, on this article, substantiate Lumumba’s conclusions about Lungu.

Lungu is useless

“Ineffective” way failing to supply any or desired effects. What are the specified effects? A wholesome financial expansion. Good products and services and items provision similar to electrical energy and water provide. Functional well being establishments together with for the worst off in society. Good shipping networks. A robust and strong Kwacha. Sufficient international reserves. A sane inflation. In PF phrases, extra money within the wallet, decrease taxes, inexpensive gasoline, extra jobs.

To reach the itemised objectives, we want the way, the equipment to get us what we wish. Zambia is without doubt one of the richest nations in uncooked sources. So that isn’t an issue. The lacking hyperlink is human useful resource. However, President Lungu has assembled a cupboard this is disheartening to have a look at. His guiding human useful resource ideas for appointing senior technocrats, cupboard, constitutional workplace holders, and forums of presidency and parastatal establishments are mukwasu and mwankoleism. In which different nation in all of the universe would you to find Given Lubinda accountable for the Ministry of Justice? Aliens would wager that Lungu’s standards are lean highbrow muscle, low ethical fibre and braveness, and lengthy hands. In quick, he selects folks in his personal symbol. Those few who don’t seem to be may also be observed obviously as misfits, uncomfortably at the fringes of the PF interior circle.

Is it any marvel that once it’s time to explaining coverage problems falling underneath the quite a lot of ministries we’re offered with cadres and celebration officers? How time and again have we had Antonio, Sunday, and Kaamba college us on upper training, constitutionalism, fiscal and fiscal coverage? Is it any marvel those celebration team of workers will most often blame all failed guarantees on God, the local weather, COVID-19, and Hakainde? For positive, the PF has many in truth eminent folks to soak up key roles in govt. But Lungu’s need, ostensibly, is a bunch of people, who, because of their highbrow and moral inadequacies are easiest suited for serve his private, and now not the nationwide, passion.

No doubt, simplest an insane particular person can deny that the PF have constructed roads. But was once this what was once promised? Is this what’s fascinating? The cash is borrowed; the standard is mediocre; the roads are carried out via foreigners whose income fly in different places; the development initiatives are overpriced. Road, roads, roads. Then what? With large mortgage repayments looming and nation foreign exchange reserves most likely nearer to 0 than ever earlier than in Zambia’s historical past, those roads might be financial white elephants looking ahead to their seasonal potholes and washed away bridges with the primary few rains, to not point out some torrential downpours. Just what items will they be transporting when the coffers were wrung dry and the mortgage sharks circling in nearer against the cadaverous prey? Our very sovereignty is at stake. Then those that were asking whether or not we can devour roads won’t glance silly. Zambians won’t devour roads; they’re going to devour one some other! The PF have dug us right into a poverty hollow and their resolution is to dig deeper.

Lungu is undemocratic

Democracy is solely rule via the folk and for the folk. People’s participation and folks’s pursuits. Of direction, folks’s participation is itself most often additionally the most important passion of theirs. To nurture democracy, there are important procedural regulations and establishments. Instead of making sure those regulations and protective the establishments, Lungu has undermined relatively severely the very essence of democracy to the purpose the place, actually, he’s a despot. He reveals the principles and establishments for democracy an affront to his subjective private goals for which unashamed Machiavellianism is a extra appropriate modus operandi. Below are a couple of examples of Lungu’s autocratic DNA.

Lungu has in quite a lot of tactics undermined independence of the judiciary. He has issued disparaging feedback concerning the Constitutional Court relating to its judgment in opposition to PF ministers who stayed on illegally and abused state sources after expiration of Parliament previous to the 2016 normal elections. Lungu has overseen egregious violations of person rights. Both the police and PF cadres are our gestapo, unleashing political violence in opposition to the opposition that has rendered political rights a chimera. As the culprits stay unknown, many voters imagine the arson of markets and the gassing horror that traumatised the country was once perpetrated via the PF regime or their untouchable supporters. In each instances, the PF have accused the opposition UPND earlier than any investigations are performed.

Lungu has an excessive aversion to public duty. He chickens out of presidential debates which might have the funds for electorate a chance to gauge their applicants with out the tribalism, song, and mindless sloganeering of rallies. He has hibernated when the country cried out for him to deal with the country in disaster moments. Lungu has dodged each query about how he has turn out to be an excessively wealthy guy whilst wining with Eastern European conmen. He unleashes excessively armed police on youths in need of to boost issues of financial mismanagement, grand corruption, and wanton human rights violations. Lungu has privatised the constitutional modification procedure, bulldozing everybody to enact his noxious Bill 10 with the assistance of some shifty non-governmental folks, pastors, and chiefs.

Democracy way the folk come to a decision who leads them. Lungu has usurped folks’s powers to vote the use of felony establishments. He arrested Hakainde for treason over a visitors offence even if Hakainde was once now not even driving a bicycle on the time. Kambwili of NDC spends maximum of his lifestyles now in court docket on instances many see as politically motivated whilst his celebration and Kalaba’s Democratic Party have confronted de-registration. Abusing the British-bequeathed Public Order Act, political events were discriminatorily denied political mobilisation. Without festival, there is not any democracy. Lungu needs a de facto one celebration dictatorship. If he had some way, Lungu would have some folks thrown into gasoline chambers. He is the kingpin of tribalism, working thru proxies and embracing tighter those that flagrantly disparage Tonga folks.

Lungu is a demagogue and paranoid

In Lumumba’s estimation, Lungu is a demagogue. Indeed. Lungu hardly raises problems about bettering the lives of the Zambian folks. By his personal admission, he has no imaginative and prescient for the rustic. It is little marvel he specializes in petty problems whilst evading questions of ways he moved from 0 to about K2.5 million to about K23 million within the blink of an eye fixed. He can’t let us know who burnt the markets or who gassed us. Lungu is a rabble-rouser. From his rallies what comes are his uncoordinated dance strikes as though to imitate his chaotic governance, threats in opposition to electorate and opposition leaders, tribalistic speech, and petty accusations. A demagogue dwells on the ones problems that excite the darkish facet within the folks. He does now not galvanise a folks or give hope; he prospers on inciting the bulk in opposition to the minorities.

Paranoia is a ‘mental condition characterised by delusions of persecution, unwarranted jealousy, or exaggerated sense of self-importance’. Lungu is supremely jealous. Other folks’s luck haunts him as a result of he himself does now not have any blank or deserved luck to indicate at. Those who oppose him should pay the cost of shedding industry having damaged bones. The Post industry constructed over such a lot of years of arduous paintings and determination, a proudly Zambian industry, razed to the bottom right away political madness. Prime TV closed, bringing up contradictory causes. Hakainde’s wealth accumulation and political make stronger makes Lungu’s blood boil. Nothing will forestall him from abusing state establishments to weigh down the ones he envies.

Lungu’s concept motivation is greed and lack of confidence. Needless accumulation whatsoever important. His debarring from the Law Association of Zambia obviously tells his greed. There is surely him and his staff have ripped off the folk of Zambia borrowing large loans to counterpoint themselves. Everything Zambia buys is the most costly: the roads, ambulances, hearth engines, gassing chemical compounds. Even medications we should purchase expired ones or just about expired ones to verify most is going into the wallet of Mr Lungu and his PF comrades. The to blame are at all times afraid.
Lungu suffers from morbid worry of publicity therefore his pre-emptive assaults in opposition to statutory oversight establishments, FIC and the ACC. He has a morbid worry of prosecution. Hence his arming the police to the teeth in opposition to the folk. Hence the obsession with Bill 10 which matches in opposition to the basic tenets of charter making. He wishes to stick in energy via hook or criminal for him and his all at once wealthy cronies to experience their loot of Zambia.

Cosmopolitanism way we will have to care as a lot about injustices in opposition to a stranger as in opposition to a compatriot. Lumumba’s cosmopolitanism is extremely commendable and well-meaning. Zambians admire his elevating alarm about our president. Should Lungu set up to get himself at the poll paper, balloting him out isn’t a question of lifestyles and demise; it’s extra critical than that. Zambia doesn’t desire a Kaguta Museveni or a Zimbabwe. Many Zambians admire the gravity of the instant and they’re going to stand up as in opposition to previous corrupt and tyrannical governments. The query is, who will be sure our franchise isn’t trashed via the PF that has exhibited unapologetic proclivity against electoral criminal activity?

Dr Julius Kapembwa
Lecturer in Critical Thinking and Ethics within the Department of Philosophy & Applied Ethics, University of Zambia
[email protected]