Prince Kaybee Picks On DJ Maphorisa

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DJ Maphorisa, Prince Kaybee

Prince Kaybee has finally had the opportunity to pick on DJ Maphorisa on Twitter. It has been a while since the wheels have turned and Prince Kaybee has a chance to pick on DJ Maporisa, who has in the past made it his job to troll Prince Kaybee mercilessly.

This time Prince Kaybee returned the favor and gave DJ Maphorisa a little dose of his own medicine. The “Hosh” musician commented on the DJ Maphorisa’s tweet from when he was in his feelings about The SAMAS. Prince Kaybee who is the leading male artist with four nods commented with a little shade implying that Lawd Porry is a sore loser.
DJ Maphorisa tried reading Prince Kaybee with old receipts when he responded, but again the DJ still sounds like his feelings are still a bit raw over being shunned. But fans are more excited about the possibility of another Prince Kaybee and DJ Maphorisa Twitter showdown.

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