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Prince Kaybee ‘artistic transformation’ goals

Prince Kaybee, SAMAs

While many people are being introspective about their lives and imagining what will be the “new normal” after lockdown, music producer and club DJ Prince Kaybee plans to come out of this period as a new artist.

The music producer has revealed that the first show that he’ll do once everyone is free, will like his first time ever. Kaybee said he was going to give his stans the best set ever post lockdown.

“It’ll be like a brand new artist who just took a shot at making their dreams a reality.”

The muso stopped performing last month due to the lockdown restrictions.

The artist has always tried to reinvent himself, often taking fans way back to when he was trying to break into the industry.

“I come from an era where we used to DJ using CDs, which are fairly used today. I used CDs, not USBs.

“All I wanted to do was play music and be this big star. All I wanted to do was provide for my family and inspire many others out there. I was yearning to be the best in deejaying and music.”

Kaybee said circumstances led him to be the renowned DJ he is today.

He credited “Sushi King” and businessman Kenny Kunene for sparking his interest in house music.

“I dropped out of Grade 11. My high school teacher was Kenny Kunene, who used to play a lot of house music and I got inspired by his vibe. He has this vibe about him. He used to play house music at school outings or after we played soccer.”

“He used to take me home after school and we’d listen to house music. He was a very driven guy when it came to house music. After that I dropped out of high school and I took that inspiration to start deejaying. I saw it fit to start such a career because I was consuming a lot of house music.”

The DJ was appreciative of the throwbacks people sent him on social media.

“It often gets me emotional, as you’ll be able to look at where you come from, and I hope my journey is inspiring other hungry hopefuls out there.”