Home Entertainment News Prince Kaybee apologises to past due Dad

Prince Kaybee apologises to past due Dad


Prince Kaybee seeks his past due father’s forgiveness in a brief observe written on social media.

The song manufacturer was once induced via a fan’s query on why persons are extra moved via negativity as a substitute of positivity.

Reacting to the dialog, the DJ discovered he was once ungrateful to his dad who has gave up the ghost.

“I’d like to apologise to my Dad for thinking he was sometimes not present in my life by choice, He was an incredible man that made sure we are stable as a family financially and worked his ass off. RIP DAD,” he wrote.

Another tweep mentioned that Kaybee is in his emotions as a result of he now understands what fatherhood is, since he welcomed a kid along with his lover, Zola Mhlongo.

“It changes everything, I wish I could tell him to his face how ungrateful it was of me to expect so much and still he should have answers to my hungry belly each and every day of my childhood,” he added.