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Prince Kaybee and Euphonik not entertaining ‘free live DJ sets’

Prince Kaybee and Euphonik

Prince Kaybee and Euphonik had an interesting exchange of words after Kaybee decided to give some advice to his followers.

Unlike recent exchanges we have seen on Twitter by some of South Africa’s top musicians, there were no violent threats or the use of profanities.

In fact, the two DJs seemed to have a robust debate that saw them both deliver their points and agree with the other.

It all started when Kaybee tweeted that DJs should “stop doing those live DJ sets on TV for free”.

Prince Kaybee and EuphonikPrince Kaybee and Euphonik

The tweet caught the attention of Euphonik who replied saying, “Prince with respect. You’re the same guy who took part for FREE in a 13 week tv competition for DJs. You are way too popular and influential to not help other people grow. Why must they not do it? What lessons can you teach besides a loose comment? Angilwi. Teach us”.

The debate started and Kaybee responded saying that there was a budget to pay DJs.

“Hosh Euphonik…The DJ live sets on TV are AFPs (advertiser funded programming) sponsors pay per episode, does it make sense to pay for studio, crew, catering, lights, broadcast signal, cameras operators and NOT PAY DJ while there are 3 sponsors plus channel budget? Ha ke lwane,” he said.

Euphonik agreed with Kaybee but said that many people did not know what they knew.

“I agree with you 100% I know this and so do you but a lot of people who don’t know this must learn how it works. So teach them. With great power comes great responsiblity. I learnt that the hard way. Unknowns also need the platform so teach people what to look out for”, replied Euphonik.

See the rest of their exchange below:


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