Prince Kay Bee Vomiting & Collapse is he on Drugs?

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Prince Kaybee retiring

It was quite a disappointment as fans had flocked in their numbers in anticipation of Prince Kaybee‘s performance. Prince Kaybee is well known for delivering spectacular musical experiences such that fans gladly spend their hard-earned money to have a good time at his shows. Vomiting and collapsing were not expected and fans had mixed feelings about this. Most fans felt this was heartbreaking as this happened on his last performance for the year and wished Prince Kaybee a speedy recovery.

The DJ took to social media apologizing for a no-show at the Vic Falls show and this was due to a bad health condition.

“I would like to apologize to everyone at the Vic Falls for not showing up, got to my hotel, started vomiting and collapsed, the promoter came to check up on me and Dr was called immediately.”

Prince further gave another apology explaining the situation of things.

However some other groups of fans are worried that Prince Kaybee may now be doing drugs which is what resulted in his vomiting and collapse, they echoed the artist is in shape and he always takes it to social media his workout sessions so they don’t buy the sudden health issue story and are convinced he may have overdosed on drugs in festive season excitement.

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