President Hichilema Inaugurates Sesheke Trades Training Institute, Stresses Importance of Skill Enhancement

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In a stride toward enhancing the nation’s skill-building initiatives, President Hakainde Hichilema officially launched the Sesheke Trades Training Institute in Western Province’s Sesheke District. Acknowledging the pivotal role of artisanal skills in propelling economic progress, President Hichilema highlighted the significance of skill training and rallied the support of Sesheke’s residents for the newly established institution.

The President reaffirmed the government’s dedication to universal education, emphasizing the allocation of resources for completing the Sesheke Trades Training Institute. He expressed intentions to replicate this model nationwide, aiming to accommodate more students and ensure widespread access to skill development services.

“With increased Constituency Development Fund (CDF), we aspire for all our youth across the country to acquire diverse skills that can uplift their lives and contribute to our nation’s economic growth,” stated President Hichilema. Additionally, he directed the Ministry of Technology and Science to broaden the institute’s course offerings, aligning them with the labor demands specific to each district. This alignment aims to ensure that youth acquire not only comprehensive but also directly applicable skills catering to their region’s employment needs.

Highlighting the government’s persistent investment in educational facilities and skill development countrywide, President Hichilema stressed the aim of providing quality education and skills to all youth without discrimination.

During the inauguration, President Hichilema urged the community to safeguard the infrastructure and equipment of the Sesheke Trades Training Institute, which incurred costs exceeding 38 million kwacha.

Minister of Technology and Science Felix Mutati commended the completion of the institute as a testament to the government’s commitment to bringing skill development closer to the populace. Western Province Minister Kapelwa Mbangweta conveyed the region’s satisfaction with the government’s ongoing initiatives to enhance their lives.

The Sesheke Trades Training Institute stands as a testament to Zambia’s dedication to nurturing a skilled and empowered workforce, essential for sustainable economic growth.

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