President Hichilema Congrats PF for retaining the Luangwa Council by-election

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PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema has congratulated the Patriotic Front for retaining the Luangwa Council Chairmanship by election.

He said result is a testament of how the quality of the country’s democracy has grown.

“This is a democracy that offers two faces of the coin; a triumph or a loss.A losing athlete will get an opportunity to ask tough questions and most importantly will embark on a rigorous training regime promising a better performance in the next competition,” he said.

President Hichilema urged United Party  for National Development supporters not to despair.

“That so much anxiety has been expressed by alot of our supporters over the result regarding a Council by election, is a testament of how the quality of our democracy has grown. It also underscores the view that every election at every level is important.

To our supporters, don’t despair, vala jombo and go and sell our party and its programmes to the outermost parts of our country. At the end of it all, democracy has won,” he said

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