Premier League: Souness Advises Ramsdale to Learn from Man Utd Duo’s Handling of Criticism

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Liverpool legend Graeme Souness is advising Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale to draw inspiration from the resilience displayed by Manchester United’s Harry Maguire and Scott McTominay, urging him to fight for his spot within the Gunners’ lineup.

Following Ramsdale’s exclusion from Arsenal’s starting eleven due to the loan signing of David Raya from Brentford, Souness encourages the goalkeeper to demonstrate mental toughness and battle for his position, mirroring the determination showcased by Maguire and McTominay at Manchester United.

In emphasizing Ramsdale’s need to confront the situation head-on, Souness referenced the experiences of Maguire and McTominay, who endured criticism and setbacks before reclaiming their spots in the starting lineup at Manchester United.

“It’s time for Aaron Ramsdale to take charge of his own path, rather than relying on others, as was evident from his father’s involvement on a recent podcast. The goalkeeper needs to exhibit his resilience and confront the challenges in front of him,” Souness expressed, according to Sportskeeda.

“I would encourage him to observe the journeys of Harry Maguire and Scott McTominay. They faced criticism and setbacks, yet they persisted and earned their positions back at Manchester United. This is the reality of football. For Ramsdale, it’s a test of mental strength.”

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