Police look into Moshe after Musa files a common assault case.

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Controversial Actor Moshe Ndiki is the target of a common assault lawsuit brought by Twitter blogger Musa Khawula.

This comes after they got into a physical fight on Sunday night at the White House in Sunninghill. According to Daily Sun, Sandton Police are currently looking into Moshe.

Musa’s remark about Moshe’s new puppy incensed him. Regarding Moshe’s failed marriage to Phela Bala, Musa made a dubious remark.

“Moshe Ndiki welcomes Sulizinyembezi Ndiki, his new puppy. This happened after his husband Phelo Bala moved out of their shared flat. Moshe Ndiki has since made the decision to raise a dog. Does he also lack acting ability? Musa tweeted. Musa appears to have gone to the club after that to discipline him for online troll-baiting.



“I think his friends told him where I was. I was at the venue and then I left. I walked back after 15 to 20 minutes. I ordered a cocktail and sat down. Within five minutes, he came in and beat me up,” Musa told the outlet.

“I am a victim. I was sitting in a club minding my own business and that talentless b***ch came and jumped me up,” Musa claimed.

“I believe his friends informed him of my location. I arrived at the location and afterwards left. After around 20 minutes, I started walking home. I chose a beverage and took a seat. He entered the room within five minutes and assaulted me “Musa told the publication.

“Victim that I am. When the untalented b***h entered the club where I was sitting, she jumped me up “Musa said.

He went on “Right now, I’m at the hospital. I’m aware of how critical this is.

Moshe made the wrong choice, according to Musa, and if he wants to fight, they should go to the streets. “That b****ch had better pay attention and realize that he chose the incorrect b**h.

Musa Khawula then went on Twitter spaces where he said he would wipe the floor with the Gomora actor had the security guards not been present.

“No, bring that sh*t to me and then we can fight. My friend, he needs to go and get initiated shame. Anyway, I got some sh*t to do like opening some cases against some people.

“I just want a location and I want it right now, I won’t be scared of him even if it’s next week. Even if it’s today, or 5 AM I’m going to wake up and I’m going to fight that b*tch. Carry on with your clout but know that I’m not scared of you. The only time you going to attack me again is when you hit me when I am not expecting it.”

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