“Police Investigate Raphael Nakachinda and Dr. Fred M’membe for Espionage Allegations”

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The Zambia Police have taken decisive action against alleged espionage involving Raphael Nakachinda and Dr. Fred M’membe. They’re charged under Section 3 (c) of the State Security Act Chapter 111 of Zambia for their role in a documentary titled “The Grand Regional Scheme: Its Foreign Powers and Local Elites are Destroying Africa Part One.”

Raphael Nakachinda’s Involvement: Raphael Nakachinda, 43, residing in plot number 1794 in Kafue District, is at the center of the investigation. Police claim that between August 26, 2023, and September 16, 2023, Nakachinda collaborated to create a documentary containing content directly or indirectly beneficial to a foreign power. Titled “The Grand Regional Scheme,” the documentary is alleged to endanger Zambia’s safety or interests. Nakachinda is currently detained at Balmoral Police Station.

Dr. Fred M’membe’s Allegations: Dr. Fred M’membe, 64, residing at house 7354 on Nangwenya Road in Lusaka, faces similar accusations. Allegedly involved in the same documentary during the same period, M’membe is accused of passing on information intended to benefit a foreign power, which is detrimental to Zambia’s safety or interests. Like Nakachinda, he is held in police custody, specifically at Westwood Police Station.

Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga affirmed these developments, stressing the gravity of the charges against the two individuals. These arrests have drawn significant public attention and created anticipation among their supporters and the broader community.

As legal proceedings continue, the nation awaits more information on the implications of these espionage charges. These cases not only focus on Nakachinda and Dr. M’membe but also prompt contemplation about the boundaries of expression and the legal repercussions for activities authorities consider prejudicial to national security.

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