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Police Discover US$18 000 Cocaine After Raiding Businessman’s Borrowdale Home


The police discovered cocaine and drug-making equipment worth well over US$18 000 after carrying out a raid on Borrowdale home. The home belongs to Harare businessman Tafungiswa Kennedy Jasi, 52.

According to the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), police officers carried out the raid after receiving an anonymous tip about Jasi’s alleged illicit activities. Detectives are said to have intercepted Jasi before he was about to head into his home.

The detectives conducted a thorough search of Jasi’s Ford Ranger vehicle and discovered sachets of cocaine hidden under the steering wheel.

The detectives then entered Jasi’s residence where they conducted another thorough search. During the search they turned up crack cocaine, cutting utensils, a chemical agent and a scale allegedly used in the manufacture and packaging of the illicit narcotic.

The police weighed the drugs in the businessman’s presence and recorded 221 grammes of cocaine as well as 3.5 kgs of the chemical agent. The cocaine has a street value of US$18 000.

The businessman appeared before Harare provincial magistrate, Vongai Guuriro Muchuchuti, on Saturday.

The state called on the court to deny Jasi bail arguing that releasing him would jeopardize investigations as well as compromise the arrest of more people connected to the drug ring. Prosecutor George Manokore also argued that Jasi was likely to abscond given the seriousness of the charges that he was facing.

Jasi on the other hand spiritedly fought to be granted bail arguing that he was a family man with ties to the community who runs two successful businesses, Pringle Technical Engineering and Pringle Haulage Company.

However, Jasi’s pleas were unsuccessful as Harare provincial magistrate, Vongai Guuriro Muchuchuti denied him bail. Muchuchuti ruled,

“The accused can contest the issues of possession when the matter goes to trial,” Muchuchuti ruled. “It would not be in the public interest to release the accused person on bail considering the volumes that were recovered.” as per ZimLive.

Jasi was remanded to May 19, 2020, for a routine hearing.