Police Consider Shooting Cats as Ritual Killers Are Turning Into Cats

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Ritual Killings are at a rise in Chingola Copperbelt Zambia as the police force has been busy counting and identifying bodies. There is a rather unprecedented and mystical event as the police were going after the Ritual killers. It sounded like science fiction at first or rather something from a Stephen King book, but even the Police Commissioner has confirmed this happening

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga yesterday told Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo that other interests cannot be ruled out in the alleged ritual killings in Chingola where residents have been rioting in anger.

Ms Katanga said the suspected ‘ritual killers’ are turning into cats when police visit any house they are called in.

“The police receive calls from the public, we rush to check what is on the ground. Like we have a case, one suspect entered the ceiling board and later just saw a cat coming out and later it disappeared. Most of the cases are of gassing the people in their homes. We can’t rule out other interest groups. They have a common cause fighting for the same. If there were ritual murders, they would have finished everyone, but they are just troubling people. Just the other day, we tried to fire at the cat, but it started reducing and disappeared,” Ms Katanga explained to Mr Kampyongo.

Mr Kampyongo later said the police are on top of things and very soon, the happenings in Chingola will come to an end. They could be considering shooting down all cats in that area but there is a concern about the animal rights activists as they won’t take that option lying down.

Mr Kampyongo has been on the Copperbelt with Deputy Inspector General of Police Bonny Kapeso and Chingola Member of Parliament Chali Chilombo.

Chingola remains under heavy police presence to keep vigil. As it stands they have not started shooting cats yet.

source: Zambian Observer


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