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Pokello’s Shocking Sunday Confessions


On Sunday, Pokello Nare took to Instagram to host a confession session with her followers on her stories and shuu the confessions were shocking.

The socialite asked her followers to confess their sins with her and since the answers would be revealed without the identity, fans did not hold back when telling their sins.

The Sunday Confessions responses left so many people shocked as people detailed affairs they were having. From sleeping with bosses’ husbands to even sleeping with a sugar mama in her matrimonial home, whilst the husband is in the other room.

Pokello Nare

Some fans even confessed the source of their wealth, which doesn’t necessarily come from 9 to 5 jobs.

Pokello shared the responses and gave some advice to the followers on what they should do to get out of their messy situations.

Some of the confessions could be pure lies, as there is no way to actually verify the confessions, but they sure do make one think what if someone really did it.

Screenshot: Instagram @queenofswaggerofficial

Screenshot: Instagram @queenofswaggerofficial

Are your sins this deep?