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Pokello Denies Bleaching Claims, Produces Old Pics To Prove She is Natural

Pokello, Pokello US$1,5million bust

Socialite Pokello Nare has denied claims that she bleaches her skin arguing that she is a ‘natural yellow bone.’

Pokello went further to justify her claim and posted her photos of when she was a child to prove that she does not bleach.

Individuals on social media claimed that Pokello bleaches in retaliation to claims that she said women in Zimbabwe do not know how to bath while addressing women at a grooming conference held in Harare.

Pokello then posted pictures of her younger self as evidence that she does not have to bleach to be light skinned.

Along with the pictures Pokello posted:

“Now I have learnt that when I remain quiet, it gives you the impression that it’s ok to lie about me. This bleaching agenda you try and push when it comes to my skin colour should Stop. It’s very shallow to think every light-skinned woman bleached. Here are pictures for your future archives.”

The man took had questioned Zimbabwean women if it was really worth it to take advice from the Queen of Swagger.

”Is Pokello a figure to listen to? Zimbabwean women tiudzeiwo ndimi munoendako”,he said.

Without wasting much time, Pokello appeared from nowhere and took a swipe at the man as she reminded him that if he was one of the people who were taking her advice he would be dressing better instead.

”Well I know if you listened to me, that size 54 pin-stripe suit wouldn’t be wearing you. Tie looking like a gstring in that blue school prefect shirt”, she fired back.

The serendipitous advice from Pokello left Twitter users in stitches as they advised the man to delete his account or leave social media in an effort to save himself from further humiliation.