Playboy Mzungu Mike oliver exposes more than 15 Kenyan women

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Mike Oliver, Playboy Mzungu

More than a dozen Kenyan women have been exposed by a mzungu identified as Mike Oliver after he shared photos of all the women he has been with. He has somewhat gained a reputation of Kenya’s Hugh Hefner because of these women throwing themselves at him.

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Going by the photos it’s obvious that Mike Oliver has bedded more than 20 women. Many are allegedly in marriages and this leak may surely tear down several homes because of a one-night extravaganza with a wannabe “Hugh Hefner”.

This leaves the question of how desperate can women be? Then again poverty is an issue in Africa leaving many women vulnerable to blessers and playboys. Some netizens argued that some of the women might have thought they have landed a jackpot only for them to realize they have been duped.Guys your girlfriend, fiance, or wife could have fallen prey to this Playboy Mzungu. Below are some of the photos he shared of his trophies:

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