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[PICS] Mumba Yachi’s Studio gets Burnt Down

Mumba Yachi, Mumba Yachi's Studio burnt

Mumba Yachi one of the most talented and prominent artists in Zambia has had one of the worst years of his life. The artist recently shared the misfortune he had on social media.

In a heart breaking post Mumba Yachi shares how his studio and his work has been burnt down by those who seek to see him fall. 2020 has not been an easy year for everyone but it definetly became the worst for our beloved Mumba Yachi. Mumba Yachi Posted:

I have been fighting battles ever since I was born but this one breaks my heart to the core, more than the deportation 😔😭. Yesterday majesties our studio, the Bamboo studio was burnt to ashes by unknown cowards and all our equipments and our CDs gone. But I can tell you this one will not kill our spirits. See you all on 7th of November

He continued in another post:

Coming back home after my deportation, the purpose for the studio was to contribute to the growth of the Live music industry in Zambia not just for myself alone as Mumba Yachi, but for other live musicians too. Receiving your warm sympathy is comforting. Thank you so much for the calls and the ones reaching out to contribute and help my team and I. We are still coming to grips with the reality of this painful loss. For those that have reached out to assist, kindly contact my manager Mwila Mutale on
Zamtel +260950557738
Airtel +260977734692
MTN +260760194149
Thank you 🙏🏿
It has not been brought to light who was responsible for this fire yet. Here are more pictures of the burnt studio.
Mumba Yachi, Mumba Yachi's Studio burnt Mumba Yachi, Mumba Yachi's Studio burnt