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PIC: Durban Thief Faces Mob Justice After Housebreaking Attempt Goes Wrong

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Two thugs found themselves on the receiving end of mob justice, after they broke into a Durban house just after midnight.

The thugs underestimated the female occupants of the house, only to land into the frying pan after they were caught red handed.

One of inhabitants of the house in Bester near KwaMashu, confirmed the housebreaking incident saying they were woken by a sound on the roof at around 1 am

“We have a two-roomed house. They broke the roof of the dining room and jumped inside the house,” she said.

She said by the time they broke into the house through the roof, her mother was already holding the fort, waiting for them.

One of the thugs hit her mother with a gun but she fought him off and demanded to know what they were doing in the house in the middle of the night.

She was helped by her daughters to fight the thugs however one of them managed to escape.

They switched the lights on and started interrogating the remaining thug, who squealed on his friend and confessed that they wanted to steal a speaker in the home.

Commenting on the gun, the daughter said she didn’t know if it was real or a fake however the neighbours confirmed that it was real but had no bullets.

“I think they wanted to scare us with it because they know we are women and there’s no man in the house.”

She said they called the police and the man was arrested.

KZN police spokeswoman Colonel Thembeka Mbele confirmed the  housebreaking by the two thugs

“They allegedly fell onto the furniture and the family woke up,” she said.

“One suspect was caught and the other managed to flee on foot with a firearm in his hand.”

The remaining thug was allegedly assaulted by the other residents, who had come after alarm was raised.

He was taken to hospital for medical treatment and is currently under police guard.

He is set to appear in court soon. The other suspect is still at large.