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Phemelo Motene In Hot Water For Saying Foreigners Should Be Given Food Parcels

Phemelo Motene

A heated debate ensued after Phemelo Motene asked a firing question as to whether illegal immigrants residing in the country should be given food parcels during the coronavirus pandemic.

She received some heavy backlash for relaying her thoughts and opinions on whether children should be fed irregardless of their nationality and whether they are in the country illegally.

The actress and radio presenter was not going to allow bullies to censor her, be it on radio and social media. Her thoughts are that each and every child should be given food, but that did not sit well with her listeners and followers.

Having a difference in opinion is healthy however, SAfm listeners did not appreciate the manner in which she relayed her thoughts as some were adamant that she was enforcing her beliefs on others.

Accused of letting her emotions get the best of her, she found herself having to defend her actions on the timeline as listeners were not prepared to let it go.

Phemelo expressed her disappointment towards people who are ‘okay’ with letting Zimbabwean kids starve and not receive food because they are in the country illegally. She then engaged in a heated exchange with her followers.

“It’s common for social media to expect one to just allow the bullying. Not today, let them say what they want … it will never sit well with me to deny a child food because they are Zimbabwean, the same way a South African child too shouldn’t be denied food.

“Guys, I am not going to apologise for being emotional, please. Everyone had a chance… we didn’t agree but he had a change. What do you want, for me not to have an opinion? Am really confused by your judgement,”

Phemelo was not prepared to lose the argument even after numerous threats to report her to ombudsman, she told people to go ahead and lodge a formal complaint.

SABC spokesperson, Mmoni Seapolelo, spoke to Isolezwe and said they will be investigating the matter formally to see whether the presenter broke any broadcasting rules.

“Even though presenters have the right to opinions, all employees are governed by rules set by the SABC. Which is why the SABC will investigate this matter, and will take the necessary precautions,” said Mmoni.


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