PF to Cancel Zambia 2021 Elections

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Zambia 2021 Elections

It doesn’t sound too off when one thinks about it. Can PF government rig Zambia 2021 Elections? or better yet cancel them? Prophecy is a tricky thing and hard for the realists to take seriously. however, considering previous political violence cases and political backstabbings is it too far a stretch to assume PF government would do anything they deem necessary to retain power amid Zambia 2021 presidential elections. Another important question before we entertain this thought is that is HH’s opposition strong enough to pose a real threat to the PF Government in Zambia 2021 Elections? Time will tell.

Zambian flamboyant prophet, SHEPHERD Mesala posted a prophecy on his facebook page in February 2019 saying that God showed him a vision were the elections of Zambia were canceled and President Lungu proceeded in power. Prophet SHEPHERD Mesala has warned politicians not to temper with the 2021 elections because it can bring bloodshed In the country .” let people vote for their own leader of their choice” says prophet Mesala.

Prophet Mesala has been giving accurate prophecies to nations and that has made him be known as the most accurate prophet in the nations. Prophet Mesala has said 2020 will be another year of hunger in Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe. “If Zambians will not pray hard they will be no elections in 2021 but if they will pray hard the evil agenda will fail and the elections will be there “.


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