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PF RIGGED LUKASHYA POLL…and they over did it – Nevers


MR President bring back the country on a route of sanity, law and order, Nevers Mumba has pleaded with President Edgar Lungu.

Addressing the media at the MMD secretariat in Lusaka yesterday, Mumba alleged the Lukashya by-election was rigged through pre-marked ballot papers.

“How can we find yourself with 114 votes when in one ward we had hit 1,050, how? They over rigged, they over did it, they ought to have measured a touch bit to form sure they don’t go overboard. It’s for this reason that the MMD cannot congratulate our colleagues within the PF on their presumed victory within the last election and either can we agree that the amount of votes allocated to MMD are genuine. How can our candidate get two votes at his polling place where he voted for himself, his wife was there, his children and he’s a pastor of a church and church members went with him to vote but once they counted the votes, there have been two votes…what quite miracle is this? i think in miracles but that sort of miracle isn’t the miracle that the Zambian people should entertain,” he said. “Two PF cadres were nabbed by the police for being in possession of pre-marked ballot papers. When this information reached the senior leaders of the PF, the duo was released privately. A PF cadre was arrested by the police for taking an image of his ballot paper before casting his vote. When interrogated by the police, he stated that the PF leaders were suspecting him that he would vote for an additional candidate and thus wasn’t getting to tend promised money if he didn’t provide proof. A vote may be a secret matter during a democracy. To intimidate members of the general public to vote a particular way supported financial gratification is against the law and enough ground to nullify the election.”

Mumba said there have been many other irregularities that the ECZ should have suspended the election.

“Today, i select to talk to the core and soul of our nation. I further prefer to bear my soul to the state and hopefully define my long held vision of Zambia Shall Be Saved. this is often not a political slogan but a vision God gave me long before I joined politics. World history has clear samples of bad governments and good governments. We all know what a nasty and failing government seems like once we see one. We also know what an honest government seems like once we see it.”

Mumba said the Lukashya by-election was a case study of how the country had fallen, as nation .

Mumba, whose party took part within the by-election that was held last week on Thursday and scooped by the PF’s candidate George Chisanga, said Lukashya poll showed the rot and corruption the country had embraced as how of life.

“Until we elect another path of self-respect, integrity and adherence to the rule of law, our country shall not be saved and shall not prosper. Our responsibility as nation is to make sure that our nation, Zambia, which we’ve by choice clothed with a Christian name , doesn’t become a failed state. We do that not for ourselves but the generations that shall come after us,” he said. “So, my statement today seeks to demonstrate how far we’ve fallen and what must be done to revive our dignity and image as a nation. The case of the just ended Lukashya by-election may be a good place to start out .”

Mumba maintained that by-election results as announced by the Electoral Commission of Zambia in Lukashya didn’t reflect the MMD’s performance.

He insisted that the MMD candidate didn’t get 114 votes as indicated within the ECZ final results.

“The privileged information we’ve has revealed that MMD was targeted for humiliation by use of pre-marked ballots and therefore the swapping of ballot boxes. The strategy of our colleagues in government has been to destabilise the MMD and find how to require the nationwide structures of the MMD. it’s against this background that a gaggle led by Raphael Nakacinda against court judgments continues to say to represent the MMD, a celebration to which he not belongs with a view to destabilise it,” he said.

Mumba, who spent six days in Lukashya campaigning, said his claims were supported first hand intelligence and therefore the consequent illegal activities which surrounded the by-election.

“While in Kasama I heard a play my door at the lodge our team had camped for the Lukashya campaign. A senior member of the PF who is additionally a committed Christian came to ascertain me in the dark . He looked worried and uncomfortable. He told me to the face that PF under normal circumstances stands no chance of winning this election as there’s no good will on the bottom ,” he narrated. “A decision has therefore been made to rig the election. He further indicated that MMD was targeted for humiliation, in order that our political opponents could use our loss as a licence to further destabilise the MMD. He advised that the simplest thing is to compel the ECZ to postpone the election because the amount of malpractices were too excessive. He advised me to sound the alarm about the pending rigging, a thing I did the subsequent day on Radio Mano and rally on our Judgment Day of the campaign.”

Mumba said, the said senior PF member confirmed that pre-marked ballots had arrived in Kasama.

He said the named PF member confirmed that 4,500 people had been recruited to stuff the ballot papers in ballot boxes altogether the polling stations.

“He confirmed that mealie meal was being distributed within the different wards by DMMU which PF camps were being supplied by taxpayers money with foodstuffs. This alone is sufficient ground to nullify the election. He provided information on the various GRZ vehicles getting used within the campaign which we had also seen. We are unable to supply the entire list of malpractices to permit the team we’ve mandated to travel back to Kasama to try to to an efficient forensic audit of all the malpractices to try to to their job undisturbed,” he said.

Mumba complained about the extent of violence experienced within the campaign, stating that it could have caused a working ECZ to suspend the election or disqualified the culprits.

He recalled that the police for the foremost part stood helplessly as they watched people being beaten and vehicles being broken into and destroyed.

Mumba maintained that it had been an illegitimate election and therefore the outcome was also illicit.

“Its’ for this reason that the MMD cannot on moral grounds congratulate the PF as having won the said election. Neither can we agree that the amount of votes allocated to MMD is genuine. How can our candidate get two votes at his polling place where he voted for himself together with his family and his church members? Our numbers in one ward are reported by our agents at 1,050 votes for MMD and therefore the PF had 400 votes therein same ward. How then can we find yourself with 114 votes for the entire constituency?” Mumba wondered. “Our verification team is on its thanks to Kasama to gather all evidence and witnesses to all or any these malpractices. it’s at now that the party shall choose the course of action to require . I wish to state that these are our preliminary findings and that we await the entire report from our verification team.”

He said it had been a incontrovertible fact that electoral commissions in Africa were the source of conflict and national insecurity.

Mumba recalled that a couple of decades ago, coup detat’s were liable for illegitimate takeover of governments.

“The AU however addressed this matter adequately and coups are not any longer fashionable. However, the new juntas of keeping ruling parties in government against the wish of the people are electoral commissions across the continent,” he said.

Mumba said the Lukashya case might be called the “2020 ECZ scandal.”

He said the very fact that against all the malpractices, the ECZ was quiet and gone ahead to authenticate the elections confirmed the MMD’s fears that the ECZ is defunct and impotent.

“Our concern as nation should therefore be how can we even consider facing the 2021 elections under such a regime? supported these flawed elections a narrative has been formed within the media that the people of Zambia are crazy with the PF which the UPND may be a social media based party which is absent from the grassroots while nobody in Zambia wants MMD,” he said.

Mumba also said the MMD was aware that an IT centre has been found out which might permanently hack into the ECZ server to control the numbers within the 2021 presidential and general elections.

“The Americans would say that ‘PF are drinking their own cool aid.’ …We are following very closely on how the recruited South African IT guru shall achieve this goal. the great news is that we all know where these facilities are and who is liable for it,” Mumba said.

He said his heart voices out that the country was on a wrong path.

Mumba said manipulating the electoral process to stay in power was the most-evil act anyone can do.

He urged the overall public to gang and dismantle the present ECZ and replace it with a functional and patriotic institution.

Mumba said the present ECZ was a danger to peace.

“To the Church, let it rise and represent equity and justice for all. allow us to demand that the PF adheres to the rule of law. As of now citizens do their best to stay the law, but the PF has chosen the trail of lawlessness. they’re holding huge rallies within the COVID-19 season. Campaigns haven’t been announced by ECZ,” he said. “This changes the entire reason for an election. It should never be that the foremost corrupt should win elections but the foremost qualified and therefore the most favoured by the electorate. only a few African countries have this privilege. Zambia can start afresh and divorce itself from the list of African failed states in as far because the electoral process cares . Give Zambians leaders of their choice and see Zambia get united and develop in leaps and bounds.”

However, Mumba urged his members and sympathisers both in Zambia and within the Diaspora to not lose hope.

“Some people may call us underdogs as we head towards the 2021 election. In August next year we shall not be the primary underdogs to win. History has demonstrated that underdogs have won more contests than those that call themselves frontrunners,” said Mumba.